Bethany Spencer

Center Administrator

Bethany Spencer is the Meeting Planner and Center Administrator of the Center of Science, Policy, and Society Programs (CSPSP) at AAAS. In this role, she is responsible for meetings and events for the Center’s units, and she collaborates with other departments on their needs. She helps to identify meeting objectives, creates requests for proposals, evaluates submissions, negotiates contracts, organizes logistics and program development, manages registration, works with speakers and participants on their travel and other requests, supervises on-site staff, and participates in the development of funding proposals and budgets for these activities. AAAS-wide, she manages transient hotel contracts and catering accounts. She is also responsible for the management and financial affairs of CSPSP, delegating specific responsibilities to the relevant units as needed, and serving as liaison to Finance and to outside organizations and vendors. In addition, she serves as a point of contact for CSPSP. Annually, she is involved in over 40 meetings and events.

Prior to joining AAAS, Bethany was Deputy Clerk to the Arlington County Board, acting as liaison with stakeholder groups, including applicants, constituents, media, and County staff who wished to influence and better understand issues pending before the Board. She also has experience with small non-profits in fundraising and organizational development. 

Bethany holds a master’s degree in political management from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration from Capital University.