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Suzanne Thurston

Deputy Director

Suzanne Thurston has supported and led education projects at AAAS for the last 20 years. As a Program Director in Inclusive STEM Ecosystems for Equity and Diversity (ISEED), her work focuses on developing educational resources and experiences for all K-12 learners and educators in both formal and informal educational settings. 

Her current work includes research and development of cutting-edge mobile technologies as a means of bringing new audiences into urban National Parks. She also directs two projects that showcase excellent STEM books and supports using science non-fiction literature in the classroom to pique students' interest and understanding of science.

Thurston believes all students should have opportunities for transformative, meaningful, and culturally representative science experiences throughout their lives so that they can identify and be curious about the science around them and see themselves as a scientist, inventor, storyteller, and advocate.

twitter: @suzannethurston