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Sylvia Morrow

I’m a second year PhD student at Vanderbilt University. I’m studying high-energy nuclear physics with the PHENIX collaboration at Brookhaven National Laboratory. For my research project I’ve been working on the analysis of PHENIX’s final experiment (which I helped run in the summer of 2016). We accelerated deuterons in one direction, gold nuclei in the other direction, and then recorded the collision products when they smashed together. So now my project is to help sort through all that data and figure out useful physics information. All of this science has made me miss writing. I did a writing major as an undergraduate, and fully intend to pursue a career that involves writing. Check out my website,, for a combination of writing and physics things. I am particularly excited to finally be merging my two interests this summer as I write about science for Discover Magazine as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow.