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Victoria Davis

2018 Minority Science Writers Intern

Victoria Davis

2018 Minority Science Writers Intern

Roger Williams University
Science Communications

I am a member of the Roger Williams University class of 2018, at RWU I created an individualized major of science communications and minored in sustainability studies. I am passionate about all fields of scientific study and look forward to being able to share new findings with the world. I am a self proclaimed bibliophile, an avid dog lover, and have a knack for crafting.

Publications at Science

6/13/2018         A mutated killer fungus is keeping cicadas alive

6/13/2018         Mammoth dust storm on Mars has left a NASA rover in the dark

6/20/2018         This swamp sparrow’s song is more than 1500 years old

6/22/2018         Koko, the famed sign language gorilla, has died

6/28/2018         GMO labeling makes public more likely to trust food companies

7/02/2018         This video reveals the secret to the dragonfly’s backwards flight

7/05/2018         Spilling oil in the name of science

7/10/2018         Fossil of the ‘first giant’ dinosaur found in Argentina

7/16/2018         Does ‘supportive housing’ help the homeless with medical needs? Not clear, study says

7/17/2018         Ancient embalming workshop unearthed in Egypt

7/17/2018         Lost society hidden in Ecuador’s ‘pristine’ cloud forest

7/24/2018         Hundreds of gene variants have been linked to education—just how remains a mystery

8/01/2018         Which Beatle wrote one of the most famous songs of all time? A math model has the answer

8/01/2018         Science candidates are on the ballot next week in three states

8/06/2018         Elephant trunks are long-distance food detectors



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Victoria Davis

2018 Minority Science Writers Intern