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Zahra Ahmad

2017 Minority Science Writers Intern

Zahra Ahmad

2017 Minority Science Writers Intern

Zahra Ahmad
Central Michigan University
Journalism, News Editorial
Biology Minor


Zahra Ahmad is a senior at Central Michigan University majoring in Journalism, News Editorial and minoring in Biology. She is from Lansing, Michigan and this past academic year she was an enterprise reporter at Central Michigan Life, an award winning college newspaper at her university. She has held positons such as news editor, sports and health editor and production editor at various university publications. In addition to writing, Zahra is an undergraduate research assistant in the Learman Research Laboratory at Central Michigan University. The lab is focused on researching genetic and physiological responses of microorganisms responsible for various biogeochemical cycles in natural environments. Specifically she researches how microorganisms, like Roseobacter, interact with minerals like, Manganese (III,IV). Zahra also serves as volunteer for Bio Buds, a registered student organization that promotes different disciplines of science by leading labs in third grade classrooms in mid-Michigan. She will return to Central Michigan Life in the fall as the paper’s first Science Editor.

Read Zahra's published stories in Science by clicking the links below

6/20/2017          Corpse’s time of death estimated by profiling blow fly eggs

6/21/2017          Record-breaking temperatures in Southwest ground flights

6/23/2017          New ‘superglue’ could seal the deal for stretchable batteries, soft robots

6/26/2017          Invading sea pickles could create a North Pacific ‘dead zone’

6/27/2017          Magnets cure 'dancing eyes'

7/03/2017          Why modern mortar crumbles, but Roman concrete lasts millennia

7/14/2017          Competition helps college students find a place in science

7/28/2017          First alien moon may have been spotted

7/31/2017          Trump donated $100,000 for a science camp. What should it look like?

8/02/2017          French archaeologists erupt with excitement over ‘Little Pompeii’

8/10/2017          Chimps could beat your kid in rock-paper-scissors

8/16/2017          The Sexy Smell of Dying

8/23/2017          The Germans torpedoed a ship during World War II. The wreck is now revealing secrets about underwater mudslides


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Zahra Ahmad

2017 Minority Science Writers Intern