Providing scientists and scientific institutions with the resources they need
to have meaningful conversations with the public.

About Us

Since 2004, the AAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology has worked to further awareness of science and the scientific process and increase public input into scientific research and policy agendas, encouraging and facilitating dialogue between policymakers, the general public, and the scientific community.

Credit: (Clockwise from top left: Atlantic Photography Boston, Atlantic Photography Boston, Nikki Montgomery/AMRDEC Public Affairs, AAAS)

The Center’s activities focus on providing scientists and scientific institutions with opportunities and resources to have meaningful conversations with the public:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of public engagement and its benefits
  • Demonstrating excellence in public engagement
  • Training scientists to communicate with non-scientific audiences
  • Building capacity for conducting  public engagement with science activities

Learn more about how the Center implements these approaches. The Center focuses on connecting research about science communication and public engagement—what works and what doesn’t, the benefits of engagement, and why scientists engage—with scientists and practitioners who can put research into practice.

The Center’s vision is to convene and facilitate dialogue between science and society—ongoing conversations in which science and society draw on relevant information and expertise from multiple perspectives.