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The AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy aims to catalyze and demonstrate the important and unique role that scientific exchange and collaboration can play between nations, regions, and across the world where there are challenging geopolitical circumstances.   

Articles about the Center's broader engagement include:

April 2018 - Promoting Scientific Cooperation in Times of Diplomatic Challenges: Sustained Partnership between the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

August 2017U.S.-Cuba Meeting Demonstrates Value of Collaboration in Science 

June 2016U.S. and Cuban Scientists Explore Advances to Fight Cancer 

March 2016Science Diplomacy Improves Cuba, U.S. Relations 

April 2014Science Diplomacy Visit to Cuba Produces Historic Agreement 

Other AAAS-led scientific engagements

Throughout its history, the Center for  has led or facilitated scientific engagements with various other countries where there are challenging diplomatic relationships with the United States to explore the possibility of scientific cooperation.

A few examples include: 

2009: U.S.-Syria Science Diplomacy 

2010: AAAS Group Visits Myanmar 

2011: U.S.-Iran Collaboration in Public Health

2012: Delegation lead by AAAS visits North Korea