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ARISE—Advancing Research & Innovation in the STEM Education of Preservice Teachers in High-Need School Districts

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About the AAAS ARISE Initiative

ARISE provides resources, tools, and a community to foster research and evidence-based innovation in STEM preservice teacher education and leadership development programs.

The ARISE network collects and shares information about topics and strategies for research and evidence-based approaches to:

  •  prepare STEM teachers for the future,
  •  assess efficacy in STEM teaching, and
  •  understand effective ways to recruit, train, and retain a high-quality STEM teacher workforce.

Members of the network include researchers, practitioners, state and local education agencies, and professional and educational societies.

Sample These Resources on the ARISE Website

  • ADAPTATIONS BLOG shares evidence-based innovations to advances research toward and replication of what works in the education of STEM teachers for high-need school districts.
  •  ARISE WEBINARS on culturally relevant pedagogy, supporting all learners using active learning pedagogy, and the role of teacher preparation programs in retention of STEM teachers in high-need schools.
  •  ARISE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER highlighting new resources and opportunities.
  •  2019 COMMISSIONED PAPERS related to needed research on STEM teacher preparation. 

Contribute to the ARISE Community

This material is based on work supported by National Science Foundation grant no. DUE 1548986.