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Nature's Witness - National Wildlife Federation - Online Exhibit

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Photography is a powerful tool for storytelling. It’s not often you get to wander through an animal kingdom where creatures large and small—from elephants, alligators and bobcats to pikas, polar bears and flamingos—all mingle together in perfect harmony. But that’s exactly the delightful experience you’ll have with “Nature’s Witness™,” the National Wildlife Federation’s first-ever exhibition of wildlife photography chosen from the National Wildlife® Photo Contest.

Experience 50 images from around the world, each with a story to tell. Listen to what they have to say. Photographers not only highlight the beauty and wonder of nature, but also present images that remind us all to protect and conserve the wildlife and habitats that help sustain life on Earth. They show us the magnificence of nature and how wildlife deserve—and desperately need—our help to survive. Join us, because #WildlifeCantWait.

For the full online exhibit including educational activities, visit the National Wildlife Federation's site about this exhibit.