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How to Attend CASE: University/Society Funding

U.S.-based universities and scientific/engineering societies who are “Sponsoring Institutions” may sponsor and fund between 1-4 students to attend the CASE workshop each year. A student must be sponsored and funded by their scientific society or their university in order to attend the workshop.

About Sponsoring Institutions

To send students to the CASE workshop, a society or university (or a university department) must sign up as a “Sponsoring Institution” with the AAAS Office of Government Relations to indicate their participation as a sponsoring institution. The list of Sponsoring Institutions will be made available for eligible students who wish to be sponsored to attend the workshop by their university or by their society.

A sponsoring institution is responsible for covering a $250 workshop registration fee per student, as well as all associated travel and lodging costs for their students.

Sponsoring institutions are also responsible for coordinating (optional) Congressional visits on Capitol Hill for their students on the final day of the workshop.

Learn more about becoming sponsoring institution here.

Eligibility and Application

A student must be affiliated (a student member or student in good standing) with that institution and be selected to participate by that institution. Each university and society that is sponsoring students to the workshop is responsible for selecting its own students and may have its own application process.

If your university or society is included in the below list of 2020 Sponsoring Institutions, students should reach out the point of contact listed for more information on the institution’s selection process.

If you do not see your university or society listed and are interested in attending the workshop, consider asking your university, graduate college, department or scientific society to sponsor a student(s) to attend the workshop.

Students being sponsored by their university or society should NOT complete the AAAS student application. 

Workshop Costs

The workshop registration fee is $250 per student. Sponsoring institutions are responsible for covering this cost, as well as all associated travel and lodging costs for their students.

2020 Workshop Dates

Sunday, March 29 - Wednesday, April 1, 2020

See past workshop agenda here.

2020 Sponsoring Institutions

The list of 2020 sponsoring institutions will continue to be updated here.

Sponsoring Institution Point of Contact Contact Email
AAAS Joanne Carney
American Astronomical Society  Kelsie Krafton
American Geophysical Union Elizabeth Landau
American Mathematical Society  Karen Saxe and Anita Benjamin;
Boston University  Emily Burlij
Cornell University  Sara Xayarath Hernández
Emory University Susanne Salehi
Georgetown University Maria Snyder
Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus Justin Lorts
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Moremi Oladeinde
Louisiana State University J.F. DiTusa
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Kate Stoll
Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Carol J. Prestegard
National Science Policy Network Michaela Rikard
Ohio State University  Jenny Shields
Penn State University  Jessica R. Hoffman;
Purdue University Linda Mason
Rice University Daniel Morali
Rutgers University Eileen Kowler 
Texas A&M University  Linda Thurman
Tulane University School of Medicine Diane A. Blake
UC Berkeley Gina Daly
UCLA Greg Payne
University at Buffalo  Elizabeth A. Colucci
University of Colorado Boulder Heather Bené
University of Georgia Meredith Welch-Devine
University of Massachusetts Amherst Shana Passonno
University of Michigan Gina Shereda
University of Minnesota  Noro Andriamanalina
University of Pittsburgh  Meghan Culpepper
University of Virginia Marlit Hayslett
Vanderbilt University Heather Bloemhard heather.bloemhard@Vanderbilt.Edu
Virginia Commonwealth University F. Douglas Boudinot
Washington State University  Lisa M. Gloss
West Virginia University Jay Cole

Contact Us

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