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About the Workshop

Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering, or CASE, is an entry-level program organized to educate students who are interested in learning about the role of science in policy-making and the federal policy-making process and to empower them with ways to become a voice for basic research throughout their careers.

Students who participate in the workshop spend several days learning about the structure and organization of Congress, the federal budget and appropriations process, and tools for effective science communication and civic engagement. Students also have the opportunity to conduct Congressional visits on Capitol Hill on the final day of the workshop. Please note that Congressional visits must be coordinated by the students’ sponsoring university or society.

2020 Workshop Dates

Sunday, March 29 - Wednesday, April 1, 2020

See past workshop agenda here.


Eligibility Requirements for all Participants: To be eligible to participate in the Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering Workshop, you must be currently enrolled full-time in an undergraduate (preferably an upperclassmen) or graduate degree program (including double majors) in the United States in one of the following fields:

  • Biological, physical, or earth sciences
  • Computational sciences and mathematics
  • Engineering disciplines
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Social and behavioral sciences

Students from foreign countries are eligible to attend if they are studying here in the U.S.

The workshop is catered to graduate students (and upperclassmen undergraduate students) studying science, technology, engineering, or math at a U.S. university, who have limited experience or knowledge of science policy and advocacy who want to learn more about science policy.

We define "limited experience" as someone who has not worked in science policy or had comparable extracurricular experience in science policy. We would prefer to have attendees who will learn from the CASE workshop, rather than those who have enough knowledge already that they could teach the workshop.

How to Attend the Workshop

Apply for sponsorship and funding through AAAS

The AAAS Office of Government Relations will fund up to four AAAS student members to attend the workshop. Each year, students who are AAAS members may apply for one of these AAAS-sponsored slots through the office's student application. AAAS will cover all travel costs (transportation, lodging and the registration fee) for these four selected students to attend the CASE workshop.

The application for 2020 is now open through January 3, 2020 here.

Note: The application for AAAS sponsored support is highly competitive. We recommend that you also ask your university or scientific/engineering society if they plan to send students to the workshop. The current list of sponsoring institutions for the 2020 workshop may be found at the bottom of this page.

Learn more here:

Be sponsored by your university or scientific society

U.S.-based universities and scientific/engineering societies can sponsor between 1-4 students to attend the CASE workshop each year.

To be eligible for sponsorship, a student must be affiliated (a student member or student in good standing) with that institution and be selected to participate by that institution. Universities and societies that sponsor students to the workshop are responsible for selecting their own students. AAAS is not responsible for the application and selection process of other sponsoring universities or professional societies.

Learn more here:

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Sponsoring institutions in past years

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