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How to Attend CASE: University/Society Sponsorship

The 2021 CASE Workshop will be held virtually. The workshop will be free and open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs, so students WILL NOT need to apply for sponsorship to attend. 

Click here to register for the Virtual CASE Workshop on September 23-14, 2021


About Sponsoring Institutions

To send students to the CASE workshop, a society or university (or a university department) must sign up as a “Sponsoring Institution” with the AAAS Office of Government Relations. The list of Sponsoring Institutions will be made available for eligible students who wish to be sponsored to attend the workshop by their university or by their society.

A sponsoring institution is responsible for covering a $250 workshop registration fee per student, as well as all associated travel and lodging costs for their students.

Sponsoring institutions are also responsible for coordinating (optional) Congressional visits on Capitol Hill for their students on the final day of the workshop.

Learn more about becoming a sponsoring institution here.



A student must be affiliated (a student member or student in good standing) with that institution and be selected to participate by that institution. Each university and society that is sponsoring students to the workshop is responsible for selecting its own students and may have its own application process.

If your university or society is included in the below list of Sponsoring Institutions, you should reach out the point of contact listed for more information on the institution’s selection process.

If you do not see your university or society listed and are interested in attending the workshop, consider asking your university, graduate college, department or scientific society to sponsor a student(s) to attend the workshop.

Students being sponsored by their university or society should NOT complete the AAAS student application. 



The workshop registration fee is $250 per student. Sponsoring institutions are responsible for covering this cost, as well as all associated travel and lodging costs for their students.

Sponsoring Institutions in Previous Years:
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