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Beyond the Workshop: Participating Scientists

Participating in the AAAS Communicating Science workshop offers you a starting set of skills, but practice will help you improve. We suggest the following resources, events, and programs to build your skills.

AAAS Resources


Photo credit: University of Maryland

Need a refresher on the basics covered in the workshop—and then some? Visit the AAAS Communicating Science website for online resources.

AAAS offers programs and fellowships for scientists who want to get involved in different aspects of communication.

Define Your Audience

To get a broad understanding of U.S. audience attitudes to science, check out Chapter 7 of the Science and Engineering Indicators.

Develop Your Message

Don’t forget the 3Ms! A good message is miniature, memorable, and meaningful.

Here are a few examples and resources for developing a jargon-free message:

Opportunities to Communicate

Attending a workshop and using the online resources is a strong start to building your skills, but practice can help you develop them. For your next lab open house, school event, or science café appearance, remember the skills discussed at the workshop.

A few places to start looking for opportunities:

Practice and Review

Use a video recorder to record and playback your messages. Better yet, work as a group or ask friends to record your message delivery and provide constructive feedback.

Start a Group of Scientist-Communicators

If you attended the workshop with colleagues from your institution, continue to meet and practice together. Spend time in a small group developing and honing the messages you started during the workshop.