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Public Engagement Reflections

The idea of "dumbing things down" has ruffled quite a few science communicators' feathers. Soph Arthur breaks down why that phrase is unhelpful and explains how to improve your scicomm.

PharmD candidates Anisa L. Moore & Katelyn R. Brubaker didn't stop with just one kind of engagement. After creating a top ten list, the pair explored multiple ways to engage in dialogue with audiences to combat the public's misconceptions about medication. 

This blog is an update to Alex's previous blog post. Check out how he's grown the Sidewalk Science Center!

Enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at one of the breakout sessions that took place during the 2019 AAAS Annual Meeting. In this session, Mikey Kantar and his team led a session titled, "The Power of Infographics", in which they discussed the use of infographics as a tool for public engagement and science communication.

Math is all around us! Dr. Jeanette Shakalli shares her love of math and its endless applications with Panamanian youth to inspire them to pursue the discipline. 

PhD candidate Vinny Ricciardi believes research deserves to be communicated widely. His preferred method: Infographics.

Dr. Talea Mayo discusses math with church youth. One key takeaway--always bring candy!

Kathryn Lande, researcher at the University of British Colombia, shares how an unexpected conversation taught her the importance of empathy.

The definition of "boundary spanning” has evolved since the term first emerged in the 1950s. Read about present-day trends and best practices in today's blog. 

Dr. Erica Bakota believes scientists have a "credibility problem". Here she explains the issue and ways scientists can address it when they engage audiences.