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Public Engagement Reflections

Kathryn Lande, researcher at the University of British Colombia, shares how an unexpected conversation taught her the importance of empathy.

The definition of "boundary spanning” has evolved since the term first emerged in the 1950s. Read about present-day trends and best practices in today's blog. 

Dr. Erica Bakota believes scientists have a "credibility problem". Here she explains the issue and ways scientists can address it when they engage audiences.

Researcher Michael Chestnut examines the connection between STEM and sports.

Emily Therese Cloyd, Director of AAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology, explores institutional change for Public Engagement as illustrated by work performed by the AAAS Leshner Leadership Fellows.

Aiden Heeley-Hill shares how he overcame his fear of public speaking to becoming an effective science communicator.

A blog co-written by: Tessa M. Hill (University of California Davis), Karina J. Nielsen (San Francisco State University), Emily Therese Cloyd (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Emily Knight (Lenfest Ocean Program)

Jacob Allgeier, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, illustrates the value of community involvement in research.

UC Irvine PhD candidate Kellen Kartub shares her fascination with Chemistry and explains how you can find it in everyday items, if you just ask the right questions.

Kate Harline shares how the Speaking Science workshop inspired her to pursue science storytelling.