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Science Diplomacy 2017: Poster Proposals

Submit a Poster Session Proposal -- deadline extended

The AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy will host the third annual science diplomacy conference, “Science Diplomacy 2017,” on March 29, 2017, at the AAAS Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The one-day conference will bring scientists, policymakers, educators, and students together around emerging and timely issues of science diplomacy. The poster session will provide the opportunity for a limited number of participants to present their ideas and fresh thinking on science diplomacy and will serve as a venue for extended informal discussion with other meeting attendees. Submissions are due December 30, 2016 January 6, 2017.
Science diplomacy topics for posters include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of institutions, networks, and mechanisms in science diplomacy
  • National approaches to science diplomacy
  • International research and large-scale infrastructures
  • Scientific cooperation during political strain
  • Cross-cutting areas of transboundary issues and governance of the global commons, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2030 agenda
  • Diplomacy needs and impact of scientific disciplines
  • Science and technology in international development
  • Regional integration and trade
  • Higher education and research mobility
  • Capacity building, training, and educating in science diplomacy


Prior to submission, we encourage you to also look at the agenda and resources from Science Diplomacy 2016 and Science Diplomacy 2015 as well as related journal articles in Science & Diplomacy.
Partial support for travel may be available for students and postdocs.

General Guidelines for Poster Submission

Posters may be of a research project, a policy initiative, a training program, or another application of science diplomacy. Posters should reflect concrete activities, as opposed to theoretical activities. They can cover either past or ongoing initiatives.

Poster Session Proposal Timeline

  • Submissions are due by January 6, 2017
  • Presenters will be notified by January 20, 2017

Submission Form