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News: Center for Science and Diplomacy

June 10, 2016
U.S. and Cuban Scientists Explore Advances to Fight Cancer
A group of the nation’s leading cancer research scientists and their Cuban counterparts are exploring how to advance cancer therapy, diagnosis, and prevention.

June 8, 2016
The Intersection of Diplomacy and the Space Sciences
AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy research scholar, Jean-Christophe Mauduit, explores some of the challenges and opportunities of space diplomacy.

March 22, 2016
Science Diplomacy Improves Cuba, U.S. Relations
Even during difficult times in the Cuba-U.S. relationship, scientists worked quietly to keep alive partnerships going back more than a century, AAAS CEO Rush Holt and Sergio Jorge Pastrana, executive director of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, write in a 22 March op-ed in the Orlando Sentinel.

January 29, 2016
U.S. and Cuban Researchers Begin Neuroscience Collaborations
The projects reflect a decades-long commitment by AAAS to foster partnerships with Cuban scientists.

October 1, 2015
Second Call Poland – U.S. Science Award
The Foundation for Polish Science and AAAS are launching the second edition of the Poland–U.S. Science Award.

September 9, 2015
Resources from Science Diplomacy 2015
The resources from Science Diplomacy 2015: Scientific Drivers for Diplomacy, a conference held earlier in 2015, were made available. These resources include presentations, videos of sessions, and a report of the event.

November 4, 2014 
Research Scholar Examines Science Diplomacy in Latin America
Marga Gual Soler investigated science diplomacy practices and mechanisms in Latin America

June 30, 2014 
Scientists, Diplomats From 32 Nations Connect at Science Diplomacy Course
Three dozen scientists, engineers, and diplomats gathered in Trieste for a course in science diplomacy.

April 30, 2014 
Science Diplomacy Visit to Cuba Produces Historic Agreement
The leaders of AAAS and the Cuban Academy of Sciences have signed a landmark agreement to advance scientific cooperation by Cuban and U.S. scientists in key areas of mutual interest to both countries.

September 16, 2013   
Science & Diplomacy Releases its Seventh Issue
The September 2013 issue of Science & Diplomacy, which features articles on Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, was released.

June 10, 2013   
Science & Diplomacy Releases its Sixth Issue
The June 2013 issue of Science & Diplomacy, which features articles on Canada, Russia, and the Palestinian Territories, was released.

March 18, 2013    
Science & Diplomacy Releases its Fifth Issue
The March 2013 issue of Science & Diplomacy, which features articles on Japan, Iran, and the Palestinian Territories, was released.

December 10, 2012    
Science & Diplomacy Releases its Fourth Issue
The December 2012 issue of Science & Diplomacy, which features articles on SESAME, SAFARI 2000, and the International Space Station, was released.

September 17, 2012   
Science & Diplomacy Releases its Third Issue
The September 2012 issue of Science & Diplomacy, which features new perspectives on Yemen, Jordan, and Cuba, was released.

June 28, 2012    
Science & Diplomacy Releases its Second Issue
The June 2012 issue of Science & Diplomacy, which features new perspectives from Myanmar, North Korea, Canada, and New Zealand, was released.

March 28, 2012    
International Science Team Visits DPRK
An eight-nation science diplomacy delegation organized by AAAS and partners visited the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for presentations and tours focused on reforestation. 

March 12, 2012    
AAAS Launches Science & Diplomacy
The first edition of the Center’s new online publication, Science & Diplomacy, features contributions from globally influential figures and leading practitioners in the science and foreign policy realms. 

January 5, 2012    
AAAS CEO and Center Director Speak at World Science Forum
AAAS CEO Alan I. Leshner and Science Diplomacy Center Director Vaughan C. Turekian, along with other leaders, discuss progress toward global science. 

November 21, 2011    
AAAS Announced New Publication: Science & Diplomacy
AAAS CEO announces a new quarterly publication, Science & Diplomacy, at the World Science Forum in Budapest, Hungary. The new quarterly, to be published by the Center, will begin in early 2012. 

June 24-26, 2011    
Center Director Speaks at 46th Otago Foreign Policy School [external link]
Vaughan Turekian gave a keynote lecture during one of New Zealand's premier foreign policy events; this year's theme "Science Diplomacy: New Day or False Dawn?"

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