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The AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy has identified several resources that together serve as a primer for understanding the concept of “science diplomacy”. Click on the titles for details.


Science and Diplomacy: A Conceptual Framework
AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy, 2009

This short briefing document outlines the relationship between science and diplomacy, characterized by three basic forms of interaction: diplomacy for science; science in diplomacy; and science for diplomacy.

New Frontiers in Science Diplomacy
Royal Society and AAAS, January 2010

The report from one of the first international meetings on science diplomacy. The two-day meeting, hosted by the Royal Society (London) and AAAS in June 2009, focused on the international perspectives on the three forms of science and diplomacy and the rising importance of science diplomacy.

National or Regional Perspectives

Pervasive Role of Science, Technology, and Health in Foreign Policy: Imperatives for the Department of State 
National Research Council, 1999

This report produced by the U.S. National Academies examined S&T in U.S. foreign policy and argued for increased capacity in the U.S. Department of State to understand S&T dimensions of foreign policy issues. Partly as a result of the study, the position of S&T Adviser to the Secretary of State was created.

Toward the Reinforcement of Science and Technology Diplomacy
Japan’s Council for Science and Technology Policy, May 2008

One of the few governmental strategic documents focused on science diplomacy, the report from the Japanese government’s highest coordinating body for science and technology (S&T) policy provides Japan’s perspective of S&T diplomacy and how science and technology and foreign policy can support each other’s mutual development. A particular focus is on strategic cooperation with developing countries and Japan’s role in international S&T.

EU International Strategy for Research and Innovation
European Commission, September 2012

This report focuses on international science cooperation as a way to meet global challenges.

Science Diplomacy for France
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Directorate-General of Global Affairs, Development and Partnerships – Mobility and Attractiveness Policy Directorate), April 2013

This report discusses ways that France can enhance its research contribution to global science and how that relates to support for international strategies.