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Center of Science, Policy, and Society Programs Awards

Staff from the Center of Science, Policy, and Society Programs oversee three AAAS awards that are presented annually.

Philip Hauge Abelson Prize
The Philip Hauge Abelson Award was established in 1985 by the AAAS Board of Directors and is presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting. The Prize is awarded annually either to: a public servant, in recognition of sustained exceptional contributions to advancing science, or a scientist, whose career has been distinguished both for scientific achievement and for other notable services to the scientific community.

Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award
The Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award is presented annually by the AAAS to honor scientists and engineers whose exemplary actions have served to foster scientific freedom and responsibility. The Award recognizes scientists and engineers who have: acted to protect the public's health, safety, or welfare; or focused public attention on important potential impacts of science and technology on society by their responsible participation in public policy debates; or established important new precedents in carrying out the social responsibilities or in defending the professional freedom of scientists and engineers.

William D. Carey Lecture
The William D. Carey Lecture was started in 1989 to honor former Executive Officer William D. Carey. The selected lecturers are individuals who, in their own way, exemplify Mr. Carey's leadership in articulating public policy issues. This lecture is delivered at the annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy.