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Interdisciplinary Research: Past Workshops and Symposia

[2012] Transformative Research: Social and Ethical Implications
NSF Headquarters
Arlington, VA
[Agenda] [Website]

The meaning of 'transformative research' [Read Article]
(AAAS Member Central) April 4, 2012

Good Transformations: Ambiguity and the NSF's Experiment with ' Transformative' Research [Read Article]
(Science Progress) March 22, 2012

[2012] Successful Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Insights from Practice and Theory
AAAS Annual Meeting
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Presentations: [Gray] [Feller] [Lamont] [Pfirman]

[2006] Management and Leadership of Multi-institutional and Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations
AAAS Annual Meeting
St. Louis, MO

[2004] Leading the Changing University Research Environment
AAAS Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA

[2002] Accomodating Interdisciplinarity in the Academic Research Environment
AAAS Annual Meeting
Boston, MA