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Projects and Resources

AAAS Science & Technology Policy Leadership Seminar
The AAAS Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy is a "crash course" in science and technology (S&T) policy, designed for those who need to know how S&T policy works.

Emerging Leaders in Science and Society
The Center is currently hosting ELISS, a new program to prepare and empower graduate and professional students to collaborate across boundaries to solve real-world problems throughout their professional and civic lives. The hands-on, competitive program harnesses the talents and creativity of tomorrow's leaders to help communities and the nation understand and address tough issues in theme areas ranging from health to environment to education.

Festschrift for Albert H. Teich: The State of Science Policy
On December 15, 2011, AAAS held a symposium to honor Albert H. Teich upon his retirement from the association after 32 years of service. This volume, like the symposium, was intended as an exploration of contemporary topics in science policy.  Over the course of a distinguished career, Al made contributions both broad and deep to the field.  The range and significance of his contributions are reflected only in part by the topics and authors in this book, as well as the speakers and attendees of the symposium.

Guide to Graduate Education in Science, Engineering and Public Policy
UPDATE: The Guide to Graduate Education in Science, Engineering and Public Policy has been integrated into the resources for Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy (ESEP). To view the updated list of academic programs, click on the resources tab on the ESEP site. The purpose of this guide is to provide up-to-date information on academic Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (SEPP) programs to assist prospective students, researchers, administrators, and funding agencies in obtaining a picture of the field and identifying programs whose offerings meet their individual needs and interests. 

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education: A Practical Guide
On March 28-29, 2011, the AAAS and the University of Colorado Biofrontiers Institute hosted a workshop entitled "Science on FIRE: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education." The workshop brought together more than 150 practitioners, administrators, and funders of interdisciplinary research to identify keys to success and strategies for overcoming barriers. This document, which has been drawn from the presentations and discussions at the workshop, has been written for anyone involved with or interested in interdisciplinary research and education, including funders, administrators, researchers, faculty, and students. It is a practical guide to motivating, organizing, and establishing interdisciplinary programs. List of past workshops and symposia on interdisciplinary research.

Science of Science and Innovation Policy Workshops
Between 2009 and 2010 AAAS and the National Science Foundation held two workshops to help NSF build a “community of practice” among the disciplinarily diverse set of academic researchers supported by the Science of Science and Innovation Policy program including its sister RAPID program, and to build bridges between researchers and science and innovation policy makers in the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government.


The reports or presentations herein prepared for presentation at an event convened by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and does not necessarily reflect the views of AAAS, its Council, Board of Directors, officers, or members. AAAS is not responsible for the accuracy of this material. AAAS has made this material available as a public service, but this does not constitute endorsement by the association.