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AAAS Science Days: In the Classroom

Formerly titled Public Science Day

AAAS Science Days: In the Classroom

For over 25 years, AAAS has produced a day of science in conjunction with the AAAS Annual Meeting, working with the local community— including informal educators, teachers and scientists— to leave strengthened connections to communities that don’t get needed exposure to science or scientists.  For the 2017 meeting in Boston, we have been talking with groups of scientists from different universities in the Boston area who want to initiate, expand, or improve programs that help scientists engage with K-12 students and teachers. They believe that AAAS can be a hub for these various groups to network, find resources, recruit scientists and connect with teachers.  And so for Science Days: In the Classroom 2017 AAAS will host both a pre-meeting for these groups to come together and large-scale multi-school scientist visit to demonstrate successful engagement strategies, and forge connections between teachers and scientists looking for K-12 engagement opportunities. 

AAAS Science Days: In the Classroom – Scientists visit schools –

Thursday February 16th @ lunch period

Scientists (grad students, postdocs and professional scientists) recruited from local universities and businesses will visit Boston area schools to share their unique personal journeys into science careers while middle and high school students ask questions and enjoy free pizza.  There is growing evidence that meeting scientists and hearing about their work, as well as their struggles, can help students see themselves as scientists, and have a positive effect on their academic work.  Over 20 scientists will be recruited and trained in giving a short “TED like” talk.  Their backgrounds and scientific field will span a wide range reflecting the membership of AAAS.  Biologists, mathematicians, social scientists and engineers will share some of what makes their science interesting and important and how they arrived at where they are today.  For examples of the talks that will be given see talks below by some of the scheduled speakers.

Logistics:  Each scientist will give one 15minute talk followed by 10min of questions.  Talks will be given in a room during lunch period and student attendance will be voluntary.  Schools may request more than one talk by multiple scientists.  AAAS will order and have Pizza delivered for students to enjoy during the talks.  Contact Rebekah Corlew  with further questions.

Here are some examples of speaker's talks:





AAAS Science Days: Pre-meeting – Scientist Teacher Partnership –

Wednesday February 15th 9am-5pm

There are many ways that scientists can work with students and teachers in schools and in the community--from a presentation on Career Day to an event at a local library to a grant-funded effort that partners multiple scientists with schools and students. If you are engaged in similar activities or thinking about getting involved, AAAS invites you to attend our conference which will offer a full day of presentations and conversations to increase knowledge and develop connections. We are working with a panel of experts from University of New England, Boston University, Harvard University, Brandeis, and Northeastern University to coordinate the meeting and bring in additional expertise from area school districts, research institutions and other universities working on similar projects.  To register or find out more contact Betty Calinger.