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Public Science Day occurs each year as the opening event for the AAAS Annual Meeting. Hosted in the city where the meeting is being held, the program helps students in grades K – 12 understand the increasing importance that science and technology plays in their lives. Participating students learn about career and course selections and take part in workshops and activities conducted by scientists. The event provides a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between AAAS and local communities and is an excellent example of the way resources across a city can come together to promote out of classroom learning experiences.

The program began in 1989 at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, Calif. In the 25 years since, Public Science Day has challenged children in cities like Philadelphia, Boston and Denver to explore science. With Public Science Day, AAAS shows students, teachers, and parents how to access their local scientific community. And by taking science outside of formal education settings, Public Science Day also helps turn learning science into a lifelong pursuit.

AAAS looks forward to the 2017 Public Science Day activities in Boston.

For more information on Public Science Day activities and future schedules, please contact Rebekah Corlew at