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About AAAS Communicating Science Workshops

AAAS has offered 275 workshops for more than 8,500 scientists and engineers since 2008. | Stephen Waldron


Workshop goals include building scientists’ communication skills and confidence in engaging with public audiences and providing best practices for use of different communication methods and mechanisms. The program uses empirical evidence from research in science communication and public engagement with science, and maintains an evaluation program that confirms workshops are meeting defined goals. Read what participants think about our workshops on our Testimonials and Evaluation page. If your institution or organization is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us at for information on content, costs, and logistics.


Through discussion, self-reflection, small group work, and practice sessions, workshops focus on the importance of effective communication that clearly conveys scientific concepts. We encourage workshop participants to think about how content applies to their own work and future communication opportunities.

Our standard workshops – described below – are designed for up to 50 participants and last for three hours. Costs for a standard Communicating Science workshop start at $4,500, plus travel for the facilitator, and discounts are available for multiple workshops. If you have a larger group, would like additional facilitators, or would like to create a longer training program that incorporates multiple workshops, we can work with you to develop a plan that fits your needs. Customization rates may apply.

We also offer shorter seminars, mini-workshops, and individualized coaching for each of the workshop topics and on topics such as communicating climate change, interacting with the media, and using visuals to communicate effectively. Generally these complement a longer workshop, but may be offered independently.


Our workshops and seminars provide scientists and engineers with communication skills, resources and practice developing and presenting messages. Our topical module options are:

Science Communication and Public Engagement Fundamentals
The flagship Science Communication and Public Engagement Fundamentals module focuses on the core components of successful public engagement. Participants are introduced to the AAAS public engagement framework, a guide they can apply to all kinds of interactions. Participants learn how to identify a public engagement goal, determine the relevant audience, craft tailored messages to achieve their goal and rehearse their engagement scenario.

Engaging the Public with Social Media
The Engaging the Public with Social Media module covers the latest research on use of social media, including why and how scientists can use it to engage, an introduction to using Twitter, and best practices for engaging in online conversations and using social media metrics. Participants develop a personalized social media public engagement plan.

Engaging Policymakers
The Engaging Policymakers module provides an overview of the science policy landscape and the role of science and scientists in the policy process. This workshop introduces basic best practices for engaging in dialogue with this target audience at a local, state or national level. Participants identify individual communication goals and develop short messages that will resonate with policy audiences.

Engaging the Media
The Engaging the Media module focuses on best practices for engaging journalists and media consumers. Participants are introduced to the media landscape and the value of engaging with the media, and evaluate the newsworthiness of their research, consider best practices for media interviews and proactively engaging the media, and rehearse a media interview scenario.

Workshops in Action

Workshops can be held for scientists at all career levels and from all disciplines. | Matthew Hamilton/Georgetown University

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