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Workshop Preparation: After Confirmation and Scheduling

This page serves those organizing a AAAS Communicating Science workshop at their institution. A signed agreement with AAAS is required.


Thank you for booking a AAAS Communicating Science workshop! Now that you have reserved a workshop date, it is time to recruit workshop participants and plan the logistics.

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AV Requirements
Room Set-Up

Food and Beverages
Marketing Materials
Evaluation Surveys

AV Requirements

AAAS requires the following audiovisual equipment onsite to be provided by the host:

  • Podium with microphone (as needed for meeting room)
  • LCD Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Computer with Microsoft PowerPoint, USB port, and internet access
  • Video/audio projection capability through computer and audio hookup (for playing video with sound from laptop)
  • Flip chart and markers (recommended)
  • Handheld wireless microphone for groups larger than 50 attendees (recommended)

Room Set-Up

  • Round tables or classroom-style setups work best. Table linens can be helpful in creating a professional atmosphere and working space.
  • Make sure there is sufficient space at the front of the room for a podium, a flip chart, and projection screen that is visible to all participants.
  • Food and beverages (if provided) should be placed in the back of the workshop room or in an adjacent room.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage service is not required but is typically appreciated by workshop participants and is provided by the host. AAAS does not provide food and beverage service. We recommend:

  • Coffee, tea and water for the workshop duration.
  • Morning workshops: Light breakfast and/or a light snack during the morning break.
  • Afternoon workshops: Lunch at midday and/or a light snack during the afternoon break.


Hosts are responsible for registering participants for their workshops. We recommend you collect the following information from each participant ahead of the workshop and share it with AAAS two weeks prior to the workshop:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Job title and area of research
  • Level of science communication experience

AAAS will also conduct an anonymous pre-workshop survey. The registration and survey information will allow us to better tailor the content of your workshop to the participants.

Marketing Materials

Workshop Flyer

Marketing Language

Join your colleagues for an American Association for the Advancement of Science Communicating Science workshop specifically designed to help you plan and participate in a wide variety of public engagement activities. During this 3-hour workshop designed for scientists and engineers, you will develop your public engagement and science communication skills through discussion, self-reflection, small-group work and practice sessions. The workshop focuses on the importance of effective, two-way communication and is designed to enable you to engage in meaningful, reciprocal dialogue with diverse audiences. When the session is complete, you will be able to clearly identify a public engagement goal, define a relevant audience, and craft and rehearse messages tailored to that audience.

Workshop Module Descriptions

Science Communication and Public Engagement Fundamentals

The flagship Science Communication and Public Engagement Fundamentals module focuses on the core components of successful public engagement. Participants are introduced to the AAAS public engagement framework, a guide they can apply to all kinds of interactions. Participants learn how to identify a public engagement goal, determine the relevant audience, craft tailored messages to achieve their goal and rehearse their engagement scenario.

Engaging the Public with Social Media

The Engaging the Public with Social Media module covers the latest research on use of social media, including why and how scientists can use it to engage, an introduction to using Twitter, and best practices for engaging in online conversations and using social media metrics. Participants identify their goal and audience, and develop sample tweets.

Engaging Policymakers

The Engaging Policymakers module provides an overview of the science policy landscape and the role of science and scientists in the policy process. This workshop introduces basic best practices for engaging in dialogue with this target audience at a local, state or national level. Participants identify individual communication goals and develop short messages that will resonate with policy audiences.

Evaluation Surveys

The center works closely with social scientists whose research addresses science communication and public engagement with science, including scientists’ goals and motivations for engaging with the public. Working with these researchers, we have developed an evaluation program that measures progress toward these goals. We use anonymous pre- and post-workshop surveys to collect information about workshop participants’ engagement goals and workshop feedback. AAAS staff will coordinate with hosts to administer these surveys.