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CASE: Experience

CASE staff have been formally taking requests from judges since February 2001. In addition to locating and recommending scientists,engineers, and healthcare professionals to serve as court appointed experts, CASE staff has assisted judges by:

  • Evaluating the qualifications and conflicts of interest of scientists proposed by parties to serve as court experts;
  • Advising on the management of litigation involving CASE-recommended experts; and
  • Assisting judges in refining the issues to be addressed by the expert and in determining what kinds of experts are most appropriate to address these issues.

The judges who have used CASE or called on staff for advice include courts throughout the nation:

  • Eastern District of Michigan
  • Northern District of Illinois
  • Southern District of New York
  • District of Maryland
  • Eastern District of California
  • Northern District of California
  • Eastern District of Texas
  • Central District of Illinois
  • District of Nebraska
  • Colorado State
  • Eastern District of Louisiana
  • Central District of California
  • District of Maine
  • Northern District of Alabama
  • Court of Federal Claims
  • District of Kansas
  • Department of Health and Human Services Departmental Appeals Board

Jessica Wyndham, Program Director, is available to speak about the project at meetings and conferences of judges, lawyers, and other interested parties upon request.

What Judges Have Said About Case

“[T]hank you for the assistance of your organization regarding the identification and selection of a Neutral Expert . . . [The expert] did a very professional job in every respect, and I believe that, if the case had gone to trial, his testimony would have been critical to the jury’s understanding of the case. I also believe that his testimony contributed substantially to the settlement of the case without trial.” – A judge from the Central District of Illinois

“I greatly appreciate the time and immediate attention you gave to my request.” – A judge from the Eastern District of Michigan “I thank you for your very valuable assistance in locating an expert . . . [and] wish you continued success in this program.” – A judge from the Eastern District of Texas “The judges [in this District] would benefit from a presentation about the fine services that AAAS makes available . . . please accept my thanks again for your assistance.” – A judge from the Central District of California

“The Court . . . express[es] its great thanks to [its expert] and to Deborah Runkle, Project Manager with the Program on Court Appointed Scientific Experts, for this assistance in this matter” – A judge from the Southern District of New York

“[T]he Case project makes a lot of sense, and, in my case, was a great success” – A judge from the Eastern District of Louisiana

“[P]lease let me take this opportunity to personally thank [Deborah Runkle] and the American Association for the Advancement of Science for your assistance in describing how your project works and offering to be of help. Your assistance allowed me to offer to the parties a totally objective examination of the case by qualified and competent experts. For those of us who care deeply about the institutional integrity of the courts, the ability to make such an offer to the parties…proves the willingness of the courts to get at the truth….The CASE project is an incredibly valuable tool to federal judges….In the future, I hope the project continues to serve the interests of science and the federal judiciary” – A judge from the District of Nebraska