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CASE: Subcommittees


The Education Subcommittee oversees efforts to develop educational materials for experts selected by the courts, including the Handbook for Experts. These materials are generic and do not provide information relating to any particular case. The materials are designed to assist experts in understanding the litigation process, including discovery and cross-examination, so that they can be prepared for their participation in the legal process. Additionally, the educational material advises the experts on the role of AAAS following their appointment by the judge.

The Subcommittee has also guided the preparation of of the Handbook for Judges, designed to provide the judges who request assistance with information about the project. In addition, the Handbook provides judges with information about working with the expert, who may not be familiar with court proceedings and litigation.

Still other educational efforts will be aimed at the scientific community in general. This information will provide background on CASE, and will have as its objective the enhancement of cooperative and fruitful relations with scientific societies and academic institutions.


  • Bert Black, J.D.
  • JoAnn Bordeaux, J.D.
  • David Eaton, Ph.D.
  • Patrick Malone, J.D.
  • Richard Marshll, Ph.D.
  • Honorable William Schwarzer

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Subcommittee drafted guidelines for conflicts of interest, including questionnaires and other instruments designed to gather pertinent information about the experts for use by the courts. In addition to considering questions regarding conflicts prior to appointment, the subcommittee may also address policies relating to permitted professional activities following an expert’s appointment by the court.


  • Arthur Bryant, J.D.
  • Ruth Greenstein, J.D.
  • Susan Poulter, J.D., Ph.D.
  • Honorable Barbara Rothstein
  • William A. Wulf, Ph.D.
  • Honorable Rya Zobel


The Evaluation Subcommittee will review the evaluation plans prepared by the Federal Judicial Center and advise project staff and the Advisory Committee on the evaluation process.


  • William Gardner, Ph.D.
  • Rebecca Klemm, Ph.D.
  • Lester Lave, Ph.D.
  • Joseph Sanders, J.D., Ph.D.