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AAAS Annual Meeting 2012 – Vancouver, BC

In February of 2012, DoSER took part in the AAAS Annual Meeting, one of the most widely recognized global science events, with hundreds of networking opportunities and broad global media coverage. An exceptional array of speakers gathered at the 2012 AAAS Annual Meeting from February 16-20 in Vancouver, B.C.

DoSER hosted two events at the Annual Meeting, along with a table at the AAAS Science, Policy and Society Programs Booth in the Exhibit Hall (#324) with information about opportunities to get more involved in the science, ethics, and religion dialogue.

DoSER’s events included:

Beyond Evolution: Religious Questions in Science Classrooms


Peyton West, AAAS Science and Policy Programs


Peter M J Hess, National Center for Science Education
Kenneth R Miller, Brown University
Mark McCaffrey, National Center for Science Education

Scientific principles may challenge religious beliefs creating tension for science teachers in an array of settings. For example, a 2011 survey of U.S. high school teachers indicates that only 28 percent are able to teach evolution as recommended by national organizations. While much attention has been paid to evolution, other issues are becoming increasingly apparent both in high school and beyond. What are these issues and how are they manifesting in U.S. science classes? How are teachers responding and what methods are most successful? This symposium will consider the questions raised by topics such as climate change, the discoveries of Earth-like planets, neuroscience and free will, advances in genetic engineering, and the associated challenges and opportunities for producing a science-friendly and literate public.

AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion Reception

DoSER hosted a reception to provide space for extended conversation amongst those interested in the dialogue on science, ethics and religion and a chance to hear from DoSER Director Dr. Jennifer Wiseman.

Read the recap of the event here.

Visit the AAAS Annual Meeting website to view the entire program