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DoSER Public Engagement Award

Esohe Irabor, Howard University

The Links Between Science and Salaat

Adapted from post-event summary (click document icon below to download):

In October 2019, Esohe Irabor and Nisa Muhammed, the Assistant Dean of Religious Life at Howard University, hosted the Science & Salaat event at Howard University. The event began with food and transitioned into Esohe’s three-part presentation, in which she spoke first on the practice of Salaat. Next, she spoke about the scientific method and the various fields in STEM. Finally, she spoke about how the positions of Salaat (standing, bowing, prostration and sitting) yielded positive psychological, emotional, and physiological benefits for believers as they prayed. The presentation was followed by a discussion in which participants got to speak about parts of the talk that stood out to them.


Event photo from "Science and Salaat"
During the "Science and Salaat" event. Credit: N. Muhammad/Howard University


Post-event summary