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DoSER Public Engagement Award

Myeshia Shelby, Howard University

Congratulations to Myeshia Shelby, whose project won the Public's Choice vote! Check out the article about the contest here, which includes interviews with multiple award winners.


Therapeutic Treatments for Cancer: Fostering a Dialogue Within a Faith Community

This project consisted of a presentation and dialogue with a faith community on the possibility of inhibiting cell proliferation during the metastatic stages of cancer as a means of therapeutic intervention. The research focuses on Topoisomerase I (TopI) inhibition by way of LMP744 drug treatment on cancerous cell lines.


Topoisomerases are a class of enzymes that assist with DNA transcription and replication. LMP744 is a drug that inhibits this process for type 1 topoisomerases, or TopI.

DoSER ES Contest Winner Shelby - Photo of poster
The research poster. Photo courtesy M. Shelby.