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DoSER Public Engagement Award

Zaki A. Sherif, Howard University

Focus Group Engagement: Exploring the Impact of Scientific Enlightenment on Supporting Research in Ethnic Religious Minorities in the USA

"My focus in the last 10 years has been the Muslim community organizations and immigrant population groups to enhance their understanding of science and medicine. The plan of activities that I hope to conduct with the Selam Foundation of Virginia, a Muslim community of Ethiopians living in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) zone include educational workshops, lectures, small group discussions, youth group mentorship and women family planning and healthcare programs among many others." - Dr. Zeki Sherif


Commentary from Zeki Sherif 3/9/2020:

[The photo below] shows one of the lectures I gave last year to about 76 community members about breast cancer and colorectal cancer and some of their early signs and symptoms. Most emphasis was given on the importance of routine screening and early detection. The person sitting next to me was the President of Selam Foundation who was handling the questions that came from the audience.

Zeki Sherif gives a lecture on breast and colorectal cancer screenings at the Selam Foundation in 2019
Dr. Sherif (right) speaking on breast and colorectal cancer screening at the Selam Foundation in 2019. Photo courtesy Z. Sherif.