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History & the Philosophy of Science Resources

Below you will find a collection of resources to help you explore the topic of History & Philosophy of Science, including past DoSER events, DoSER publications, and AAAS resources, as well as some external resources.

DoSER Publications


Exploring the Origin, Extent, and Future of Life: Philosphical, Ethical and theological Perspectives edited by Constance M. Bertka, 2009 Order from Amazon. ($115; plus S/H).


AAAS Resources

AAAS Sections – the History and Philosophy of Science
Scientists, Religious Leaders Build Understanding at AAAS Southwest/Rocky Mountain Meeting, [4 April 2012]
Painted Numbers on 9th Century House Walls Show Oldest Known Maya Calendar, Researchers Say, [10 May 2012]
AAAS Opposes Oklahoma’s Controversial Science Education Bill, [26 March 2012]
AAAS Urges Tennessee Governor to Veto Controversial Bill on Evolution, Climate Education, [21 March 2012]
AAAS DoSER Event Explores the Power—and Possible Limits—of the Scientific Method, [21 December 2011]
AAAS Assesses Cooperative Strategies for Incorporating Science into Theological Education, [21 October 2011]
Francesca Grifo: The Long, Complex Relationship Between Science and U.S. Democracy, [21 July 2011]
At AAAS Coalition Meeting, Scientists and Human Rights Practitioners Build Stronger Working Relationships, [28 January 2011]
AAAS Workshop Trains Researchers to Promote Science as a Human Right, [3 January 2011]

External Resources

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