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DoSER Public Lectures

Did My Brain Make Me Do It? Neuroscience and Morality | AAAS / Christine A. Scheller

DoSER has been hosting public lectures since the spring of 2001 to highlight significant work in the field of science and religion and help inform the public on science and religion issues.


Imagining Different Worlds: Science, Ethics, and Faith in Science Fiction

9 December 2020


A Climate of Hope: Scientists and Faith Communities Addressing the Climate Crisis

17 December, 2019


The Tapestry of Health: Genetic Diversity, History, and Cultural Identity
18 December 2018


Of Minds and Machines: What Artificial Intelligence Tells Us About Ourselves
4 December 2017


Advancing Together: Cooperation and Creativity in Human Evolution
7 December 2016


The Art of Science and Spirit
2 December 2015


Did My Brain Make Me Do It? Neuroscience and Morality
11 December 2014


Conversations: Science, Scientists, and the Human Spirit
11 December 2013

Exoplanets and Life Beyond Earth 
19 June 2013


Are We Only Our Genes?
13 December 2012

Losing the Night Sky
10 May 2012


Can Science Explain Everything?
6 December 2011


What do Scientists Believe? Religion Among Scientists and Implications for Public Perceptions
15 December 2010

Re-Envisioning the Science and Religion Dialogue
16 June 2010


AAAS Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Seminar
23 June 2007


What New Technology is Telling Us About the Dead Sea Scrolls
18 October 2006

Human Evolution, Why Do Experts Disagree?
4 May 2006

The Origin of Species: What Do We Really Know?
20 April 2006

George V. Coyne, Director of the Vatican Observatory:
The Dance of the Fertile Universe: Chance and Destiny Embrace  

27 March 2006

Chance or Necessity – Modeling Origins of Life 
26 January


The Assembly of Protocells 
1 December 2005

Synthetic Biology: Hardware, Software, and Wetware
10 November 2005

Evolution of Biological Complexity
20 October 2005

Searching for a Second Genesis of Life in Our Solar System 
22 September 2005

Genes, Memes, Spirituality, and Religion
26 May 2005

Naturalness versus the Superstring Landscape, or, Why Does The Universe Appear Finely Tuned?
28 April 2005


Science and Religion in Science Fiction
2 December 2004

Genome Lineages and the Evolution of Life
4 November 2004

Toward a Remembrance of Things Past: Solving Alzheimers Disease
23 September 2004

Affective Computing: Toward Computers That Recognize and Respond to Human Emotion
20 May 2004

Is the Universe Lively or Lonely? The Quest for World’s and Life beyond Our Solar System
15 April 2004

Paradigm Shift?
21 March 2004

What Neurology Can Tell Us About Human Nature and the Meaning of Art
18 March 2004

Evidence and Cosmology: What we have learned from NASA’s cosmic radiation probe
19 February 2004

What Ants and Bees Tell Us about Social Networks
22 January 2004


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology: The Next Big Idea is Really Small
4 December 2003

Galileo and the Church: The myth and the reality
13 November 2003

Wild Justice and Fair Play: Animal Origins of Social Morality
October 16, 2003

Time to Abandon Darwin? The Challenge from Intelligent Design
22 May 2003

Three Laws of Behavior Genetics and What They Mean
10 April 2003

Life Elsewhere? Astrobiology, Science, and Society
27 March 2003

Before the Beginning …. The Return of the Cyclic Universe
16 January 2003


Darwin’s Cathedral – Evolution, Religion and the Nature of Society
12 November 2002

Neanderthals: Who were they, what happened to them, how are they related to us?
10 October 2002

Sleepless in Washington: Pharmacological engineering of human needs
September 19, 2002

Evolution of the Extraordinary in Human Life
28 May 2002

Avoiding the Sixth Major Extinction, Why it Matters
11 April 2002

Ethical Issues Arising from the Study of the Human Genome
7 March 2002

Why God Won’t Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief
27 February 2002

Food and Biotechnology: The Ethical Issues
17 January 2002


Cosmology and Kabbalah
29 November 2001

The Cloning of Mammals: What are the Implications for Human Cloning?
25 October 2001

Science, Religion, and the Origin of Life
13 September 2001

Flesh & Machines
31 May 2001

Evolution & the Quest for Purpose
26 April 2001

Physics, Metaphysics and Meaning
29 March 2001

Inheritable Genetic Modifications and its Ethical, Religious, and Policy Implications
9 March 2001