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DoSER Thematic Areas

McDonald Cancer Biology Lab at Georgia Tech
McDonald Cancer Biology Lab, Georgia Tech | AAAS/Christine Scheller


DoSER approaches the science, ethics and religion dialogue through the lens of five thematic areas. We stay abreast of the associated scienc and consider the ethical and religious questions it might raise. Each section below contains a brief overview along with a link to DoSER activities and events on the subject.

Physics & the Cosmos

Over the past century human understanding of the extent, structure, and history of the cosmos has expanded at an astonishing rate. DoSER’s work in this area considers the implications of this growing body of knowledge to religious understanding and ethical perspectives.

Earth & the Environment

Humans have a tremendous impact on our earth and its environment, raising a number of ethical and religious questions. DoSER works to suppor religious communities as they explore current scientific understanding of ecological dynamics, the human values that are brought to bear to determine environmental policies, and the religious perspectives that underlie them.

Life Sciences

Recognizing that the foundation of all life sciences is biological evolution, DoSER’s work in this area focuses primarily on working with religious communities to develop understanding and acceptance of evolution and to address the historical and philosophical dimensions of the surrounding cultural debate.

Neuroscience, Brain & Mind

Developments in the neurosciences, paleoanthropology, human genetics, and robotics are placing the age-old question of what it means to be human in new light. DoSER’s activities consider the convergence of scientific, technological, ethical, and religious factors and their significance for a modern understanding of human nature.

History & Philosophy of Science

Science, ethics, and religion have maintained a rich discourse throughout history with intimate ties to philosophy. DoSER encourages understanding and consideration of the contributions of historical and philosophical thought to the modern science and religion dialogue.

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