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Tanvi Dutta Gupta


Tanvi Dutta Gupta studies ecology and science communication at Stanford University, where she is completing an undergraduate degree in biology and a master’s degree in earth systems. She comes from India and grew up across Hong Kong, London, and Singapore. Previously, she has explored community climate resilience and science communication in stories for Anthroposphere, Current Conservation, Voices for Biodiversity, and KneeDeep Times. Outside writing, she researches mosquito community ecology in the Anthropocene with Stanford’s Hadly Lab. She is passionate about environmental justice and international equity in science. She loves—among other things—long runs, storytelling communities, and the invention of new savory scone flavors.


Photograph of a smiling young Indian woman with short cropped hair, wearing a gold necklace and a gray blazer over a green shirt, against a background of a large gray house
Photo Credit: Alissa Vuillier