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Viviana Flores


I am a Puerto Rican science journalist who focuses on environmental and health journalism. I am completing a mayor concentration in Journalism with a minor concentration in Biomedical Sciences in Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (USC) in Puerto Rico.

In my journalistic work in the USC Department of Natural Sciences’ initiative Sagrado’s CSB: Ciencia, Salud y Bienestar, I have researched for scientific topics and written articles for the general population about science topics ranging from the importance of science communication to the field of nursery in COVID-19 times.

Through USC’s student led newspaper Un Solo Latir and institutional newscast STV Noticias, I have covered climate change, coral reef restoration projects, renewable energy, social issues about science, vaccination rates against coronavirus, and restrictions. Likewise, I have reported on justice, sports, politics, and social issues.

As a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) in the chapter in USC, I have moderated dialogues about Journalism and Meteorology in Hurricane Season as well as on Environmental Journalism. 

As a person I am curious, passionate and always excited to learn. I like the challenge of understanding science topics so that I can explain them in a manner that every person can understand. I think it is imperative to communicate science because of the world we live in today and the science issues we face. 

I like to inspire people, have fun, meditate, journal, cook and am big on living a healthy lifestyle.


Smiling portrait of science journalist Viviana Flores wearing an uplifting canary-colored professional shirt.
Photo credit: Alanis Quiñones