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Diversity and the Law: Overview of Resources

2023 Diversity and the Law Town Hall: The SCOTUS Rulings on Race-Conscious Admissions and DEI Efforts

Jamie Lewis Keith (EducationCounsel), Shannon Gundy (University of Maryland), and Maya Kobersy (University of Michigan) join AAAS ISEED Director Travis York to summarize the key aspects of the Court’s decision in the Harvard and UNC admissions cases and share a high-level interpretation of what is immediately clear regarding what colleges and universities could continue to do to support student access and success. 


View presentation slide deck.

Diversity and the Law Resources

DISCLAIMER: The below resources relating to student enrollment are in the process of being revised to reflect the changes in the legal landscape as of June 29, 2023 as it pertains to consideration of race in admissions processes. Resources related to Faculty & Staff employees are not impacted by the recent SCOTUS decisions. 

Primary Resources

In-Depth Legal Resources

Handbook on Diversity and the Law, 2nd edition

State Law Bans Guide, 2nd edition

Policy Guides

5-Step Design Guide (Faculty)

5-Step Design Guide (Students)

Neutral Strategies Guide (Faculty)

Neutral Strategies Guide (Students)


Quick Study and Key-Issue Resources

Brief Legal Overview 

Key Definitions

Federal Non-Discrimination Law on Sex and Gender

Definition of "Sex" Under Federal Non-Discrimination Law

Amplification of Underutilization in Employment

Graduate Students and Post Docs DEI Guidance


Tools and Reference Materials

Key Fundamentals and Staircase DEI Diagram (Faculty)

Key Fundamentals and Staircase DEI Diagram (Students)

Research Charts

Adaptable Models

Model Charter for Multi-Office DEI Team

Customizable DEI Statements and Survey QQs

Sample Target of Opportunity Policy (Faculty) 

Sample Target of Opportunity Policy (Students) 

Example Application QQs (Faculty and Students)


2021 Diversity and the Law Report and Resource Launch Event


This work is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Grant No. G-2019-11443)


2012 Diversity and the Law V1

Handbook on Diversity and the Law, 1st edition