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About EHR

AAAS Education and Human Resources (EHR) Programs bring exciting opportunities to science students and professionals in the science and technology community. Helping build bridges to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics bolsters the STEM work force and all that it can bring to our lives. At a time when STEM education is struggling to produce enough graduates to keep the United States’ science and technology sectors competitive, AAAS reaches out through a variety of programs to make sure talent and interest in scientific endeavors are nurtured. Our main program areas include:

  • Schools, Teachers, & Librarians
  • Children, Families, & Communities
  • Higher Education Research, Resources, & Policy
  • Science for the Public
  • Careers for All & Workforce Development


Contact EHR

1200 New York Avenue, NW, 6th floor
Washington, DC 20005-3920
Phone: 202-326-6670
Fax: 202-371-9849



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To find out about opportunities to become a Visiting Scholar at AAAS, please go to the Visiting Scholar page for information on the program and how to apply.