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Partner with Entry Point!

Recruiting qualified, highly motivated student interns can be difficult. Entry Point! has been helping companies recruit talented science and engineering students with disabilities since 1996.

What does Entry Point! offer its partners?

  • A team of experienced talent recruiters and advisers.
  • University and college candidates from throughout the country who are diverse in gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Candidates who are unique problem solvers.
  • Candidates who meet your GPA requirements and skill needs.
  • Global recognition for your company and its commitment to hire scientists and engineers with disabilities.

What sets Entry Point! apart?

  • A focus on matching talent to partners’ criteria.
  • Student referrals based on academic skills, communication styles and interests.
  • Ongoing relationships with students that continue beyond their studies and well into their careers.
  • AAAS’s strong, positive reputation in the scientific and engineering communities.
  • Relationships with school staff and faculty who know and trust us to work with their students with disabilities.

What does Entry Point! ask of its partners?

  • Competitive, challenging, paid internship experiences.
  • Intern mentoring (skill-based, not disability-based).
  • Site coordinators to work with the Entry Point! team.
  • Accommodations for a disability, as required.

The thorough screening means you will receive only candidate recommendations tailored to your needs. We provide you with materials on each prospective intern and work with you or your team to help candidates navigate your application and interview processes. We have conversations with the students about disclosure, relocation and accommodations to ensure the interns arrive at your site fully prepared. This process results in our finding competent and driven interns who are matched to your specific needs and who are ready to contribute and succeed.