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The EPI Center helps place the scientific evidence in context and communicates it in an accessible way that can inform decision-making, so that policy-makers can consider the evidence alongside other factors such as legal considerations, values, politics, and public opinion.

We engage in a collaborative process with scientists and decision-makers.

  • Scientists and renowned experts, including AAAS members, contribute to our reports and insights
  • We solicit input from policymakers and their staff
  • Our goal is to reach decision-makers in all branches of government (executive, legislative, and judiciary) at the local, state, and federal levels

The EPI Center does not issue specific policy recommendations. Instead, we show how the scientific evidence is relevant to various policy options by creating a narrative that explains why the evidence was collected, how it was collected, what it means, how it relates to public policy, and whether it is conclusive. Our goal is not to drive specific policy outcomes, but rather, to ensure that whatever outcome policymakers choose takes into account the scientific evidence.