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PFAS: What do we need to know and how do we talk about PFAS contamination?

The U.S. EPA collaborated on a workshop with the AAAS EPI Center on risk communications for PFAS

The American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues (AAAS EPI Center) and U.S. EPA Research, with RESOLVE, held a half‑day virtual workshop on December 15, 2022, to discuss PFAS risk communication needs across the country and identify what communications materials could meet those needs. Invited attendees hailed from civic intermediary organizations including public and environmental health organizations, professional associations, and water utilities tasked with communicating with the public about PFAS and supporting their members with communicating about PFAS. The purpose of the workshop was to advance a greater understanding of the strategies, messages, and tactics for PFAS risk communication.