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GSK Science in the Summer

The GSK Science in the SummerTM program returns to the Washington, DC metro area with BE A PHYSICIST!  

AAAS is pleased to partner with 12 different community-based organizations that serve children from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM to deliver the program, sponsored by GSK in collaboration with The Franklin Institute

Children will learn about different forms of energy and use the principles of physics to solve real-world problems.

  • Be an Accident InvestigatorA minor accident has happened at an intersection, and the town government wants to know what happened. 
  • Be a Laser ScientistA space agency is sending a probe to explore outer space and send information back to Earth by laser. 
  • Be a Materials Scientist: Your company designs performance equipment for athletes, and you’ve been asked to develop coldweather gear for a ski team. 
  • Be a Power Plant EngineerA community has hired you to design the power plant for a new school they plan to build. 
  • Be a Sound Engineer: Your video game company is creating the sound effects for a new game, but one of the sounds isn’t loud enough to be recorded properly. 

An exciting new addition to the GSK Science in the SummerTM program in the DC metro area will be the support of local STEM professionals who will serve as volunteers at the program sites from late June to early August.

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