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GSK Science in the Summer

GSK Science in the Summer announces its 2022 program for kids in the Washington, DC metro area -- BE A BIOLOGIST!

Kids will learn about the work of these biologists through these activities:

  • Fisheries Biologist - Investigate the effects of river pollution on fish populations using pH paper to test water gathered from five sample sites 
  • Paleobiologist - Draw conclusions about a past ecosystem using sample fossil remains (replicas of rodent skull, fossil footprint, and leaf fossil)
  • Plant Biologist - Observe and classify plants to find out which types grow best in a specific location
  • Wildlife Biologist - Design and construct a feeding station to replace a hummingbird's missing food plant.  

We anticipate that GSK Science in the Summer will be in-person at most DC metro area locations but suggest that you return to this website in April for any new information about the program in general and the status at our partner sites listed below.      

Our partner sites should have their schedules in place by April.      

If you missed the 2021 GSK Science in the Summer program, Be an Engineer, you can still access the online program to guide you through the activities.  

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