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GSK Science in the Summer

GSK Science in the Summer invites kids in the Washington, DC metro area to "Be an Engineer." 

Learn about the work of these engineers through activities designed to solve real-world problems:

  • Biomedical Engineer - Design a reaching tool to assist someone with limited mobility
  • Electrical Engineer - Improve the design of a hospital buzzer to work better for patients
  • Environmental Engineer - Design a system to keep rainwater from flooding a playground
  • Structural Engineer - Design a strong lightweight bridge for a nature center hiking trail  

GSK Science in the Summer will be virtual at most locations beginning in late June.  AAAS is working with its Science in the Summer partners (listed below) to distribute activity kits in a way that works best for each location, following the guidance/protocols set by each organization and area.    

AAAS will prepare videos to help kids (and adults) do the activities.  There will also be a paper copy available if you have limited access to the internet or a computer.  

Click on the partner links above to see current information.  More will be available about registration and obtaining activity kits in early May.  

If you missed the 2020 GSK Science in the Summer program, Be a Chemist, you can still access the online program to guide you through the activities.  Parents/guardians can also download a paper copy here.


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