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About the AAAS Invention Ambassadors Program



To showcase the human face of inventors in order to inspire, inform and influence thought leaders and global communities.


  • Celebrate and highlight the importance of invention and inventors.
  • Increase societies’ understanding of the critical role of invention in improving our quality of life.
  • Get more people excited about supporting or becoming inventors.
  • Help cultivate a new and diverse generation of inventors.
  • Increase global understanding of the role of invention, inventors and invention education and the need for a robust invention ecosystem in building economies and fostering innovation.
  • Heighten awareness of invention’s vital role in addressing the global challenges of our time.
  • Celebrate inventors who insist on improving and sustaining our earth’s environment.


To best meet the goals and objectives of the program, Invention Ambassadors concentrate their efforts on:
1. Influencing and informing public policy, including but not limited to federal and university policies
2. Highlighting the importance of and necessary ingredients for creating/inspiring talent.

These are accomplished through:
1. Events, such as conferences, workshops, Ambassadors talks, virtual showcases and webinars
2. Products, such as articles and videos