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Local Science Engagement Network

The mission of the Local Science Engagement Network (LSEN) is to mobilize scientists and engineers through state-based networks across the U.S. to effectively engage with their communities, elevating the visibility of and trust in science while building and satisfying the demand for scientific evidence that addresses needs, solves problems, and informs state and local decision-making.

Building on learnings from a three-year pilot, AAAS is now expanding LSEN by focusing on four key goals:

  • Recruiting and supporting LSEN Liaisons to serve as state-based science engagement leaders who will build and foster networks and facilitate constructive engagements between scientists and local leaders.
  • Recruiting and training diverse cohorts of scientists and engineers to serve as science advocates who will engage effectively with decision-makers in their state or region. Sign up to learn more about local LSEN networks.
  • Fostering relationships with civic, community, business, and policy leaders and other stakeholders, providing scientific information and insights.
  • Building demand for scientific evidence as an essential tool in public decision-making and ensuring that science is in the room where decisions are made.

LSEN participants will have access to training and tools to help as they engage with local leaders in their communities. Additionally, they will be able share ideas and best practices with other participants through state and national peer networks. Any scientist or engineer can get involved. There are three ways to participate:

Participate in a Local LSEN Network

An inaugural class of LSEN Liaisons will begin building hubs in three to five new states across the nation in May 2023.

We will continue to add more LSEN hubs in the months ahead. Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Sign up to learn more about local LSEN networks.

When you register, please enter your name, home address and email. Providing your home address allows LSEN to connect you with activities in your community and state, and we can notify you when a hub is established near you.

Join Our National LSEN Community

What if you don’t live in a state with a LSEN hub? No problem! LSEN is building a national network of scientists and engineers who are committed to civic engagement, offering valuable training and resources. Join our online forum, LSEN Community, to chat with other LSEN members and find out how you can advance science-based decision making in your area.

“Scientists can do science and be involved in civic engagement or policymaking at the same time. With LSEN, we are providing the tools and resources to help make that easier so you can focus on making change in your community.” – Sudip Parikh, Chief Executive Officer, AAAS