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Aaron Anderson


I’m a PhD candidate in the Garden Ecology Lab at Oregon State University, where I study plant-pollinator interactions to better inform habitat plantings in gardens and urban greenspaces. In addition to identifying the most attractive Pacific Northwest wildflowers to pollinators via field studies, I am also interested in understanding the plant preferences of home gardeners. Broadly, I am want to improve ecological function in urban and suburban landscapes.

Much of my science communications experience has been giving Extension trainings, leading volunteer programs, and conducting experiential “field days”.  Over the past few years, I have also written several articles for popular magazines, short articles for Extension sites, and guest blog posts. As a result, I have become increasingly interested in pursuing science writing as a career. Science writing is a wonderful way to connect people to issues that matter to them, and to increase scientific literacy. Besides, it’s simply fun to read about science, talk to people about science, and tell their stories! I’m thrilled about the opportunity to join the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for the summer and develop my science writing and reporting skills.

In my free time, I enjoy riding bikes, bird watching with my wife, Maura, and attempting to walk our cat around the block.



Aaron Anderson smiles at the camera in front of a green hedge. He is wearing a light blue striped button down shirt.

Oregon State University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch