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Adithi Ramakrishnan


I am an undergraduate student at the College of William and Mary, majoring in neuroscience and minoring in creative writing. My main scientific interests are in molecular biology and neurobiology; I love being able to distill big ideas like love and trust down to the interactions between microscopic proteins and molecules in our brains. On campus, I conduct research studying how the cells in tadpole eyes develop into neurons. In the past, I’ve written for the National Association of Science Writers, Massive Science, and my college newspaper, The Flat Hat. I also have a personal science writing blog titled Live Laugh Lobe, where I post about everything from the mechanics of aerosol transmission to the astrophysics of a Taylor Swift music video. Outside of science writing, I love to write fiction and creative nonfiction, and am part of an on-campus spoken word poetry troupe. I’m so excited to be working with WUNC this summer!


Adithi Ramakrishnan (a young woman with shoulder length hair, a deep red shirt, and a grey sweater) stands in a field with trees in the background and smiles at the camera.

College of William and Mary

Fellowship Sponsor: American Physiological Society

Fellowship Host: WUNC