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A.J. Fillo


I am a Ph.D. candidate in mechanical engineering at Oregon State University researching combustion relevant to jet engines.  In my research I use super-computers to simulate the fundamental physics and chemistry that govern how things burn to help improve how we use combustion for propulsion and power generation.  In my free time I run a YouTube channel to teach kids about science and engineering and perform live science shows at local schools and in the community.  I firmly believe that communication is at the heart of good science and am excited to spend the summer honing my communication skills as a fellow at NOVA in Boston.  In my free time you'll find me exploring the city with my camera in hand, searching for amazing photos and learning what Boston has to offer.


Headshot of A.J. Fillo in front of a bookshelf
A.J. Fillo

Oregon State University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Physical Society

Fellowship Host: NOVA