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Alejandra Canales


I am a PhD candidate in neuroscience with a minor in life sciences communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In my research, I study how inhibitory neurons connect to each other to form circuits. When I am not at a microscope or at my computer analyzing stacks of images, I write for the UW Carbone Cancer Center. I have also written stories for my local student newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, Massive Science, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. I love that through reporting and writing I get to ask a lot a questions, share scientific findings with a broader audience, and center the voices of those from historically marginalized backgrounds. In my free time, I enjoy reading as well as watching movies and playing video games with my husband. As a Texas native and a Southern Methodist University alum, I am excited at this opportunity to be  AAAS Mass Media Fellow writing for the Dallas Morning News this summer!


Alejandra Canales smiles at the camera in front of a window overlooking a coastal area. She has long dark hair, glasses, and is wearing a grey sweater over a grey shirt.

University of Wisconsin

Fellowship Sponsor: University of Wisconsin

Fellowship Host: The Dallas Morning News