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Anna Nordseth


As an ecology PhD candidate at Duke University, my research centers around the fascinating interactions between plants and animals in tropical forests, with a strong emphasis on conservation. Throughout my graduate training, my perception of writing has transformed from grudging acceptance to a genuine passion.

In spring 2021, I had the privilege of serving as a reporting intern for, where I covered critical environmental and conservation news. This experience honed my skills in science communication and allowed me to convey complex concepts to a wider audience.

The aim of my writing is twofold: to inform readers about pressing conservation issues and exciting discoveries, and to elevate the work of scientists at the forefront of conservation research, including those who have been historically excluded from science and individuals from marginalized backgrounds.

To recharge, I immerse myself in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and spending time with my dog.


Headshot of AAAS Mass Media Fellow, Anna Nordseth, standing in a verdant forest.

Duke University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Geophysical Union

Fellowship Host: Discover