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Aparna Nathan


I am a PhD candidate in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics at Harvard, with a secondary field in Science, Technology, and Society. I study how genetics shapes diverse immune responses to autoimmunity or infection, with a focus on T cells and tuberculosis. As a computational scientist in an interdisciplinary field, I'm always trying to find ways to communicate complex concepts without sacrificing what makes them awe-inspiring. I've written for Popular Science and NOVA, and I train scientists in effective science communication skills as a Communication Lab Fellow at the Broad Institute and director of Science in the News, a graduate student group at Harvard. I'm interested in how scientific research and data can empower communities, and I have worked with a non-profit called DataHaven to tease out narratives of health equity and community wellbeing from local data. This summer, I am excited to be part of the Philadelphia Inquirer's health and science team!



Aparna Nathan smiles at the camera in front a blurred green background with flowers. She's wearing a purple striped top and has one hand on her hip. She has earrings, a heart necklace, and dark glasses, along with shoulder-length black hair.

Harvard University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Statistical Association

Fellowship Host: The Philadelphia Inquirer