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Berly McCoy


After defending my PhD last spring I moved back to rural Montana. I'm now pursuing a career in science writing and communication from my remote cabin in the woods. For my thesis work, I made nanomaterials that could produce biofuels by trapping fuel-making enzymes inside of non-infectious virus cages. During graduate school I co-founded Indiana University's science blog, ScIU, started writing for Massive Science and It's Okay to be Smart, and began dabbling in podcasting. I'm now the Coordinator for NPR Scicommers, the community that helped get me started as a science writer. I'm so excited to start my AAAS fellowship with the PBS NewsHour team!! When I'm not writing, recording, or coordinating, I'm fishing, hiking, or climbing somewhere with a view. I also enjoy songwriting and chopping wood, because music and heat are necessities.


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Berly McCoy

Indiana University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: PBS NewsHour